Terms of Service
01. Agreement to Terms
By ordering a commission you have agreed to all the terms that are listed below. If any of the terms are broken, the commission then will be cancelled with a refund.

02. Right to Decline
I have the right to decline any commission or project given to me. I don't have to give the reason for why I decline the commission. Please respect this.

03. License and Copyrights
Commissions are strictly for personal use only, client can not use my work for commercial use unless other wise stated in a written agreement. Commercial use will require and extra fee included in the price of the commission. All rights to the artwork/commission though goes to me. I may be able to upload artwork to any social media I may own including my website unless otherwise stated by the client not to. Only the client may upload artwork to their sites such as tumblr and twitter with proper credit towards me. Though the client may not upload artwork to DeviantArt, they may though upload to DeviantArt's Sta.sh.

04. Payment
Payment is due before the commission is started, Price will not be negotiated down but (for commissions over 40$) may be paid in half for the sketching process than half after the sketching process. I do not take payment after commission is finished and will not accepted. Payment must be processed within 3 business days or will forfeit their commission.

05. Refunds and Cancellations
There will be no refunds after commission has started. I will only give a refund if I feel that I can not do the commission at the time. Cancellations will not be accepted after Commission has started.

06. Communications
Client must keep in contact with me during the commission process for revisions and alterations if they wish for the best commission they can get. Those that fail to stay in contact will be push to the end of the list until they have properly contacted me. Those that fail to contact me back after a month without proper reasoning will be declared as cancelled without a refund. Please check your email so this may not happen.

07. Privacy Policies
I have the right to get any personal information that will help in keeping in contact with the client to insure that I may continue the commission. Personal information includes clients name, and email. All information will strictly stay between the client and I. The client will be also agreeing to these terms that any information given to them will strictly be between us. Thank you.

08. Process
Process may vary between commissions, I may take a day to 2 months to do commissions. Please respect I take my time on the commissions so that the client has the best of quality when it comes to the work. Unless commission takes only a day I will give you process screen shots to be sure everything is to the Client's liking. Client may change whatever you want during the sketching process, but after that the client may only change minor things with in the commission. Please be sure to stay in contact with me, thank you.

09. References
I only take image reference, unless otherwise stated by the client. I will take photos but must be good quality photos if you'd like me to see the details. Written descriptions are not preferable and are only accepted for commercial and custom design work. Please use both written and image references for the best quality work.

10. Service Fees
There may be service fee's included to the commissions. Any that apply will be stated clearly under the section called "service fees" within the commission pricing. Commercial use products though will always include a fee added on, there is no exception.

Commercial services
01. Terms of Use
Commercial will be accepted if other wise stated. A service fee will be expected for commercial use products. Client agrees to use artwork for the one use only unless otherwise stated in the agreement. If not stated and used for another product will be a failure to agree to any terms stated above or below.

02. Delivery
Commercial use items will be delivered via email. I do not make print outs unless other wise written of agreement.

03. Liability
My only responsibility is to provide the client with the best commission or commercial product I can give them. I am not liable to any loss.

04. Modifications or Edits
Unless I am told, or is other wise written by the client, there will be no modifications to the artwork or product that I will draw for the client. If the client wish to modify the product please contact me before the client does so. I have the right to decline any edits to my artwork.

Commission Process
This is a guide on how to commission and what to expect after commissions has started, or if you are placed on the waiting list.

I only take Paypal USD

1. Reserving Your Slot Or Waiting-List Spot

So you've decided to commission, how though?
(Please read all of this to do your commission, and make the chances that you may get rejected less likely.)

Please start by making an email to: piruumi@gmail.com

Your message must contain this forum (you can not skip this I will decline you):

Your Name:
Paypal/Contact Email:
Commission Type:
Total Price:

Here's the forum explained:
Your Name Please state your name. If you're doing a commercial use product I need your full name. Please don't give me an alias, or your handle. If you want a name different to show up on the list just put in parentheses the name you wish to be displayed.

Paypal/Contact Email The most important part, because this is the only way I can get the money from you. If you don't have a paypal don't fret their should be an option within the email for a debit card, or credit card to be filled out. Just give me the email best to notify you. If you have two different email's from your paypal and your contact email than place the contact email in parentheses.

Commission Type Give me the type of commission you want. For example "Rough- Fullbody + 2 characters + background (Make it quick! deadline: 04 12/17)" This would be how I'd like to see the commission type mentioned, that way I know all that you want and can assess the pricing and time that you want. Keep the service fee if you want any in the parentheses. If you want commercial price but aren't sure how to calculate it, then take the sum of all that you want and divided by 2 then add that sum to your original sum. If you don't understand just tell me I'll tell you the price.

Reference As mentioned in the terms unless you are buying a custom or have a commercial project you are making from scratch I prefer you give me image references. I will only need a few preferable ones that display the front and back. But if you don't have the back than I wont show the back. If their are hidden details you may want to show those, but about 3 image references will do. If you'd like to add written description, you can do it here too. If you have more than one character being drawn please split up their information to make it easy to read.

Additional This is where you give me anything additional you think I may need. Such as preferred position of the characters, references of backgrounds or description, anything you want to describe to me in more full detail.

Total Price If you can't figure it out just tell me, but it should be straight forward. If you want to pay in half first than half in the middle of the commission than please put in parentheses what price you will be paying first.

2. Confirmation

So you've done your email, now all there is to it is the wait. Give me a week to respond, I'm usually fast but sometimes I forget to check my email everyday. Once I respond I will state weather or not I will accept the the commission. I usually do if you follow the steps and terms of which I state.

Once I confirm that I will be taking on your commission you are to pay with in the 3 days I respond and give you the invoice. If you don't your commission will be considered canceled, unless you tell me the day you will pay. Then you will be placed on the waiting list.

If the slots are full you will be placed on the waiting list. Being placed on the waiting list means you won't need to pay until I tell you there is a spot opening up. Once I do email you back there is 2 weeks to respond if you don't respond your commission will be skipped to another on the waiting list. If I still don't get a response after a month your commission will be canceled.

If you don't check your email regularly now is the time.

3. Your turn!

So you've gotten a confirmation, well if you picked a complicated commission expect your commission to be the last to be made. Unless you use the service fee "Make it fast!" you should expect a bit of a wait. Some time I do it in order but usually when I have quiet a few I like to get the smaller commissions done fast and focus on making better quality art for the more detailed commissions. I take my time with all them just smaller commissions like chibis and roughs are much faster process.

Though once I start I will first do the rough to show you how the commission will look like. This is where you will be able to make as many major changes until you feel you love it. Make sure to be very active during this process because after some time if you don't answer I will take you as canceling the commission. You have about 1 month to respond to this email the first time. Please check your email at least weekly while you wait for the rough process.

After lining, the process goes a little smoother. I will only check with you after lining where you can do 1 minor change to it. After lining is coloring and shading which you will confirm in the rough how you'd like the lighting. I will be finished after that and will have a final confirmation you are allowed 2 minor changes after this. After that it's done! It's all your.


You will get a full hi-res image of your commission, only png unless you asked for the psd file. That's it! You're all done to enjoy your commission. If you've purchase any commission from me and wish to post it please give me credit for my art work. That's all I ask for, If you bought a Personal commission though you may not print it and sell it. Only commercial use commissions may print and sell it. If you want to change your personal commission to commercial use than let me know and you can add it to your price. I will NOT do fan art, though, from personal to commercial. If you just want a print though, let me know and we can add the price and I'll print your commission for you and send it off.

But that's it! Hope you enjoyed the process, spread the word if you like my commissions! Thank you~!