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About Me

Salutations! Many people call me Mimi or PiruuMi. I am based in a cold and bizarre land called Canada. I am an aspiring artist working valiantly towards my goal in becoming a professional comic and concept artist. Art has always been my bread and butter, ever since I could hold a pencil. I enjoy creepy, dark, and angsty art, and I like to work on large projects that accompany most of my dedication and passion.

I am a student of Holland College for Video Game Art and Animation. I hope to continue to improve my skills in art with both 2D and 3D graphics! I am currently working on my ongoing webcomic The Thief's Heir, Go check it out!

For any comments or questions feel free to contact me through the forum below. Thank you~!

Commission Info

Please be sure to read the terms of service. By ordering a commission you agree to all terms and there for must follow them. If you do not follow the terms I have stated than your commission will be cancelled. Thank you!

Terms of Service ||| Commission Queue ||| Commission Examples

Status :: Open

Commission types

The Chibi option has 2 styles, style 1 and style 2. Style 1 is cell shaded chibi, and style 2 is flat colors with a slightly different art style. Examples can be found here.


Style 1: 25$
Style 2: 20$

+ Character: 10$
+ Background: 15$

Roughs are a roughly lined and colored piece. Normally without shading but can include shading if asked (free of charge). Examples can be found here.


Bust: 30$
Waist: 40$
Full: 50$

+ Character: 15$
+ Background: 25$

Renders are of character designs, either cell shaded or painted. Examples can be found here.


Bust: 40$
Waist: 50$
Full: 60$

+ Character: 25$
No background included

Illustrations are of large projects that can take from 1 to 2 months depending on complexity. They are much like renders but require backgrounds. Examples can be found here.


Bust: 80-100$
Waist: 100-120$
Full: 130-200$

+ Character: 25$
Background included.
Service fees

Make it Quick

25% of Order Price
Make it quick! This option lets you skip your commission to the top of the list, making it top priority. You can also set it to have a deadline with this option. This is only good for regular commissions, projects would cost more.

Commercial Rights

50% of Order Price
You want the rights to sell my art work for things such as gaming, posters, etc. Then adding 50% more to the actual price will give you those right. I will transfer copy rights to you for commercial use. I also won't be able to post the final art work anywhere for public to see, it will be completely private unless you decide to post or sell it.


+15$ USD
Want your commission printed and mailed to you? Can do! All prints are 11.6in x 14in or A3 sized. This price is only for one piece at a time.

Ready to Order?

Please continue onto Terms of Service on how to order.


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